Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Q & A with Aviva Chomsky on Immigration Myths - Last Sunday at 5604 Manor

Aviva Chomsky is a history professor and coordinator of Latin American,
Latino and Caribbean Studies at Salem State College in Massachusetts. Her 2007 book They Take Our Jobs! And Twenty Other Myths about Immigration provides a careful analysis of the overheated rhetoric around immigration policy in the United States, debunking the 21 biggest myths and
stereotypes in todays debate. In her talk, Chomsky will sketch the outlines of a sensible immigration policy. Her latest book, Linked Labor Histories, looks at globalization as a long historical process with labor history at its center. The book examines how employers have used regional inequalities to gain access to cheaper workers through immigration, which along with plant relocation gives companies weapons to discipline their workers. Much of my scholarly work can be traced back to the year I spent working for the United Farm Workers union back in 1976-77, Chomsky said. I credit that experience with sparking my interest in the Spanish language, in migrant workers and immigration, in labor history, in social movements and labor organizing, in multinationals and their workers, in how global economic forces affect individuals, and how people collectively organize for social change.

This event took place at ;5604 Manor, the new progressive community center launched by the Third

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