Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blessing of Sacred Grounds

CORPUS CHRISTI -- A group of people got together today to take part in an annual Native American tradition.

The South Texas Alliance of Indigenous People held the re-blessing of sacred grounds this afternoon.

It started on Ennis Joslin Drive at SPID.

Local Native Americans say this is the second largest Indian burial ground in the state.

After the blessing, people didn't let the rain stop them from also joining in on a short march.

One of the organizers says he looks forward to this tradition every year.
Larry "Running Turtle" Salazar says, "Many years ago it wasn't good to be Indian many years ago we were looked down as scum, the lowest of the lowest and ever since the Freedom of Religion Act passed in 1973 now we can do our ceremonies."

Photography by Rene Renteria

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