Friday, June 25, 2010

Press Release - Thirsting for Justice in Austin

Vigil & Hunger/Thirst Strike for Justice in Austin ;The Dreadful Truth:
1/3 of Austin's construction workers are denied drinking water at work.
41% of construction workers do not receive rest breaks on the job.

We are asking City Council to pass an ordinance to guarantee construction workers the right to rest breaks and clean drinking water. Last summer in Austin, Jeffrey Louis Willenborg died from heat exhaustion after working several days in construction. "These deaths are absolutely preventable, there is no reason why we should have anyone working under these types of conditions," states WDP board member Hector Hernández.

Press Conference & Ceremonial Blessing of Water: 3 PM
Workers, their families, responsible employers, and religious leaders will publicly speak to the press. WDP will be joined by Father Alberto from Dolores Church, to bless the hunger and thirst strikers.

Thirst and Hunger Strike: 3 PM-8 PM
Protesters will sit in the Texas heat without food or water. Together we will undergo only a small part of what many of our fellow community members are forced to endure daily (medical professionals will be present).

Sunset Vigil: 8 PM
As we conclude the hunger and thirst strike, we will hold a vigil to honor the lives of construction workers in our state. The vigil will include a short theater performance by WDP construction worker members and live musical performance by Eliza Gilkyson. This event was organized by the Workers Defense Project/ Proyecto Defensa Laboral.This is a ZGraphix production.Produced by Jeff Zavala

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