Friday, June 25, 2010

Robert Jensen - No Nukes No Empire - Think Outside the Bomb's National Tour - Austin

Think Outside the Bomb came to Austin to spread awareness of the devastating effect of the nuclear industry and to build a movement for nuclear abolition. Despite receiving a noble prize for his vision of a nuclear-free world, Obama's Administration proposes to spend $180 billion to quadruple the US nuclear weapons building capacity. Obama's proposal will do nothing to help communities devastated by years of uranium mining and processing, nuclear power and weapons production, or its deadly waste.

The program featured folk music by Rebecca Riley and local perspectives on nuclear concerns from UT journalism professor and Third Coast Activist board member Robert Jensen as well as Karen Hadden of the SEED Coalition. This is a ZGraphix production. Produced by Jeff Zavala.

To read more from Robert Jensen on the nuclear issue go to:

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