Friday, July 16, 2010

La Fleur Clair de Lune 2010 The Clear Moon Flower 2010

Moonflowers blooming are like radio telescopes tuning in to the moons movement. Just as sunflowers follow the sun, moonflowers follow the moon.

Imagine sitting in your garden on a warm summer evening, a full moon overhead and beautiful moonflowers blooming nearby with their fragrance wafting on a light breeze.

The moonflower opens in mid to late afternoon and blooms right through the night. Its lovely fragrance and large flowers attract night flying insects, like moths, to pollinate it.

When the sun rises in the morning, the moonflower dies. It is replaced by another one the same afternoon until all the buds have flowered and then died as the sun's rays strike them.

This is a ZGraphix production.
Produced by Jeff Zavala.

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