Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tannoura at Al-Ghouri & Al-Azhar Park (Egyptian Drums & Dance)

Al Tannoura Troupe is one of the Egyptian folk troupe, established by the General Organization for Cultural Palaces at Egypts Ministry of Culture. The group is based on the capital at the old Fatmis Cairo, mainly at wekalet al ghoury . The Troupe was formed in 1988 at the Ghury Palace, which is specialized in reviving and renovating the inherited artistic and cultural themes that have been endangered or about to diminish.

Egypt's only Sufi dance troupe far more raucous and colourful than white-clad Turkish dervishes puts on a mesmerising performance at the Wikala of Al-Ghouri. It's a great opportunity to see one of the medieval spaces in use.

Popular and folk musical instruments usually accompany the troupes performance like Rababa, Salamia, flute, drums, tambourines and sanjes ). These instruments accelerate the dancers warm up and enlighten the colorful atmosphere of the stage performance.

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Produced by Jeff Zavala.

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