Tuesday, July 27, 2010

UCSB Middle East Ensemble Warm Welcome to Cairo Egypt

The Univeristy of California Santa Barbara Middle East Ensemble arriving to a warm welcome upon arriving in Cairo, Egypt.

The University of California Santa Barbara Middle East Ensemble has been invited by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture to perform a series of concerts in Cairo and beyond this July 2010.

We are now in Cairo! After a ten hour flight we were greeted at our hotel with mizmar, trumpets and drums. These guys played for about an hour and made us forget all about our jet lag! The director of our ensemble, Scott Marcus, had arranged for the mizmar player Kamil Mitwalli (featured in the above video) and his zaffa (wedding procession) band to greet us. Scott has worked with Kamil on previous research trips to Cairo and he has written about him in his book Music in Egypt

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